Member Focus - Domus Ventilation

Member Focus - Domus Ventilation

As part of a member Q&A series we speak to Paul Williams, Product Manager for Domus Ventilation - a new ADCAS member company - to find out more about the business and hear his views on membership, reasons for joining ADCAS and the ductwork sector.

  • What are Domus Ventilation best known for and which industry sectors does the company operate in?

Domus Ventilation is a manufacturer of market-leading ventilation systems that save energy and improve indoor air quality.

Domus Ventilation is renowned within the industry for its award-winning ducting systems. Domus duct systems offer improved system performance through the exacting tolerances and engineered fit of the system, whereby pressure drops are minimised, and air leakage is virtually eliminated. This ensures that time and cost is saved on site and that the designer can configure a system that ensures the ventilation is efficient and effective.

With specialised products within the ducting range including our patented Greenline bends, engineered to significantly reduce duct resistance, lower system noise and overall energy usage. Domus Green Line bends are an innovative solution for a well-designed and energy efficient duct system. Domus also offer our rigid duct attenuators that offer excellent sound absorption over a range of audible frequencies, the sound attenuators have been specifically engineered to include Microban protected foam.

At Domus Ventilation we have two significant manufacturing facilities that help guarantee quick availability through a trusted nationwide network of merchant and electrical wholesaler stockists. Our well-established national network of stockists are able to provide all of our products within your locality, we also offer a dedicated and managed logistics fleet, which is dedicated to providing efficient, quick, and reliable delivery.

Working closely with M&E contractors, we understand ventilation requirements is integral to ensuring that we tailor our solutions to meet the customer’s needs.

  • How did Domus learn about ADCAS and what were the factors involved in applying for membership?

Domus Ventilation learnt about ADCAS via their associated organisations like FETA and BEEMA.

Domus Ventilation are extremely passionate about ensuring ventilation systems are designed and installed correctly to enable systems to be as energy efficient as possible.

Domus recognised ADCAS as “the voice” on ductwork related issues and with their close relationship with senior bodies in the industry and government made applying for membership such an important step forward.

  • What are Domus looking for from their ADCAS membership?

Domus are looking to promote the membership from ADCAS and further strengthen our reputation within the ventilation market as a company who are passionate about ensuring ventilation systems and ductwork are installed, designed, and specified correctly.

Domus are very much looking forward to working alongside ADCAS and to have a voice within the residential ductwork market when it comes to Government and Building Regulation discussions.

  • What do Domus see as the main issues/challenges within the ductwork industry?

Domus Ventilation sees the main issues and challenges as ensuring correctly sized ductwork is specified in new build projects, as overheating and both air quality and noise issues causes ventilation rates to be significantly higher. Ductwork sizing therefore is essential to ensure system performance and accurate ventilation provision is provided.

  • What changes would Domus like to see in the industry over the coming years?

A few of the changes we would like to see within the industry over the coming years are a focus on higher quality in installation work. We would also like to see manufacturers working together to push for higher quality and tighter building regulations.