Training committee report for ADCAS – Thursday 3rd December

Training committee report for ADCAS – Thursday 3rd December

South Thames College have resumed their apprentice training and they are currently delivering Level 2. They have advised that Level 3 should be available after Christmas. At the moment they have no plans for adult training.

George Humphreys attended the BESA Apprentice Committee and reported the following items:

BESA have surveyed their ductwork members and come to the conclusion that there isn’t a wide demand for ductwork apprenticeships but there appears to be a great demand for adult training.

The current term for the BESA committee has now been completed and it is time for re-election of members and updates on the way forward.

BESA have decided for the moment to put on ice further works n ductwork apprenticeships and the hygiene apprenticeships until they engage further with their members to seek their requirements.

George Humphreys’ time on the committee has now run its course and as there was no intent to take forward the ductwork apprenticeship at this time George has stood down.